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Brenta Villas

Villa Pisani, also known as the Villa Nazionale, is set in Strà a beautiful Venetian area which attracted Doge Alvise Pisani who had magnificent gardens landscaped around the mansion. It was constructed at the beginning of the 18th century and was designed by the architect Gerolamo Frigimelica for the Pisani family. The villa is the largest and the most famous as it was used by Napoleon and also functioned as the site for the first meeting between Mussolini and Hitler. The villa has frescoes by Tiepolo, Guarana and Bevilacqua.

Villa Foscari is a patrician villa built between 1558 and 1560 in Mira, designed by Palladio and considered to be one of the most romantic and classic villas in the Brenta Riviera. It is known as La Malcontenta, a nickname it received when the spouse of one of the Foscari family was locked up there because she allegedly didn't live up to her conjugal duty.

Villa Gradenigo is a beautiful example of a 16th century villa. At the beginning of the 19th century the villa was divided into many different flats. It was subsequently restored and the frescoes on the ground and first floors can be now admired.

Villa Widmann Foscari is a 18th century palace surrounded by cypress and horse-chestnut trees and gardens interspersed by numerous stone statues of gods, nymphs and cupids.

Villa Barchessa Valmarana was constructed during the 1540s and so is one of Palladio's earlier works. It was commissioned by two cousins of the Valmarana family and its design shows the particular influence of buildings from antiquity.