Romantik Hotel Villa Margherita

Romantik Hotel Villa Margherita – Location – Luxury 4 star hotel rooms in Mira Porte in the heart of the Veneto near Venice


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Hotel Villa Margherita - Rooms

The Hotel Villa Margherita offers 4 star high quality rooms in the heart of the Veneto region of Italy, for centuries the mainland treasure chest of nearby Venice and today an important component of Italy’s economic engine. Guests residing at the luxury hotel are well placed to exploring the region, absorbing the tranquil atmosphere of the Brenta Riviera and will find satisfying accommodation near Venice.

The 4 star Villa Margherita hotel is situated in Mira Porte, an idyllic location close to the Brenta Riviera just 15 km from Venice. The surrounding area offers a wealth of interesting sights and important infrastructures. The Hotel Villa Margherita will gladly arrange transfers.

The Brenta River can be appreciated on full-day tours on modern boats that follow the route made by the luxurious Burchiello barges which operated between Venice and Padova in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Guests residing at the Hotel Villa Margherita will find that their luxury 4 star accommodation is in a wonderful location - the picturesque Brenta Riviera only 20 minutes away from the historic centre of Venice and well connected to the nearby city of Padova. Join the list of famous visitors to the Brenta Riviera frequented by Casanova, Galileo, Byron, Napoleon and many European royal families.

  • 20 minutes bus journey to the centre of Venice
  • 10 minute stroll to the fantastic Ristorante Margherita
  • Balcony view out over the beautiful Brenta Riviera
  • Situated in large private park offering peace and tranquility

Nearby Cities

Hotel Villa Margherita - Exterior

Padova (Padua) is the city of St Anthony and home to the second oldest university in Italy. It has an attractive medieval centre with bustling markets and arcaded streets. Shuttle buses link Padova to Venice passing by the Hotel Villa Margherita.

Vicenza has been eternally MARKED by the great renaissance architect Palladio. His work in and around the city led to UNESCO declaring the city one grand World Heritage Site. Vicenza’s close ties with Venice are indicated by the many Gothic Venetian mansions as well as the statues of the lion of St Mark and St Theodore that grace Piazza dei Signori.

Verona is known as little Rome due to its importance during the imperial days and is also famous for its savage family feuding which inspired Shakespeare’s tragic love story Romeo and Juliet. Old Verona is small and it’s easy to wander around making it an excellent day trip destination.

  • Brenta Riviera – right on your doorstep!
  • Venice – 24 km
  • Treviso Airport – 34 km
  • Padova – 34 km
  • Vicenza – 60 km
  • Verona – 107 km